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Forstner Bit

A range of Forstner Bits manufactured in high carbon steel and with sawtooth cutting edges. These cutters will produce clean cut flat bottom holes which can be over-lapped to clear larger areas. This type of bit is fast cutting and will cut across the grain or with the grain in all natural timbers. Not suitable for man made board such as MDF. Not for use in routers. These bits may be easily re-sharpened with a fine file.

Forstner Bit
Forstner Bit
Forstner Bit
Forstner Bit
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A (mm)A (inch)BCPriceDetailsBuy
DF0127 12.7mm1/2"145mm3/8" DF0127
  • 10.60
DF0222 22.22mm7/8"145mm3/8" DF0222
  • 11.20
DF0254 25.40mm1.00"145mm3/8" DF0254
  • 12.05
DF0269 26.99mm1-1/16"145mm3/8" DF0269
  • 12.20
DF0286 28.58mm1-1/8"145mm3/8" DF0286
  • 12.65
DF0381 38.10mm1-1/2"145mm3/8" DF0381
  • 16.15
DF0413 41.28mm1-5/8"145mm3/8" DF0413
  • 18.20
DF0430 43.00mm1.69"145mm3/8" DF0430
  • 18.30
DF0889 88.90mm3-1/2"150mm1/2" DF0889
  • 44.65
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