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Woodworking tooling for the professional

Portable Machine Blades

DIY quality carbide tipped blades for ripping and crosscutting hard and softwoods, plywood and man-made boards inc. MDF, particle board etc.
Blades with 20mm bore have a 16mm reducing ring included.
Blades with 30mm bore have 20mm and 16mm reducing rings included.

Portable Machine Blades
A (mm)A (inch)BCTeethPriceDetailsBuy
BP15018H 150mm6"20mm2.4mm18 BP15018H
  • 16.20
BP15040H 150mm6"20mm2.4mm40 BP15040H
  • 19.15
BP16518H 165mm6.5"20mm2.5mm18 BP16518H
  • 16.80
BP18020L 180mm7"30mm2.5mm20 BP18020L
  • 17.60
BP18040L 180mm7"30mm2.5mm40 BP18040L
  • 20.45
BP18516L 184mm7.25"30mm2.5mm16 BP18516L
  • 17.50
BP19020L 190mm7.5"30mm2.5mm20 BP19020L
  • 18.43
BP20060L 200mm8"30mm2.6mm60 BP20060L
  • 27.90
BP23524L 235mm9.25"30mm3.0mm24 BP23524L
  • 21.95
BP23540L 235mm9.25"30mm3.0mm40 BP23540L
  • 24.13
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