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Small Ovolo

The traditional ovolo/round over profile is used extensively in the furniture and cabinet trades for edge moulding etc. This range of two flute cutters will produce a round over or an ovolo profile, depending upon the bearing fitted. The cutter comes complete with two bearings (to produce an ovolo and a round over) and an Allen key. The bearing supplied is detailed below and varies depending on the cutter part number. Other bearings may be ordered separately - click on Optional Bearings link below to select correct bearing and see quirk dimension 'F' produced. (NB: 0mm quirk = round over)

Optional bearings should be selected from this table and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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Small Ovolo
Small Ovolo
Small Ovolo
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  • Small Ovolo Thumbnail
  • Small Ovolo Thumbnail
ABCDEBearing SuppliedPriceDetailsBuy
T1325 2.5mm10mm1/4"38mm18.0mmTB394 T1325
  • £18.70
T1327 3.2mm10.0mm1/4"38mm19.4mmTB394 T1327
  • £19.90
T1328 4.8mm12mm1/4"38mm22.6mmTB394 T1328
  • £20.65
T1329 6.0mm14mm1/4"38mm25.0mmTB315 T1329
  • £24.80
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