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Stair Housing

These heavy duty two flute replaceable tip stair trenching cutters have TC replaceable knives, offering a cost effective solution on abrasive materials. All blades are double sided except TK5727, so may be rotated for extra economy.
Cutters are for RH rotation, LH versions can be supplied to special order: please enquire for prices.

Select the parts required from this table and buy from the 'Bearings Blades and Spares' section.
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Stair Housing
Stair Housing
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ABCDBlade Part NoPriceDetailsBuy
T8542-1/2 16.0mm23.0mm1/2"42mmTK5727 T8542-1/2
  • 99.00
T8545-1/2 19.0mm25.4mm1/2"40mmTK5730 T8545-1/2
  • 95.76
T8547-1/2 22.0mm25.4mm1/2"40mmTK5742 T8547-1/2
  • 94.56
T8550-1/2 25.4mm25.4mm1/2"40mmTK5742 T8550-1/2
  • 94.56
Replacement parts Replacement parts
TK5727 Easi-tip blade L23 x W7 x T1.5 single sided (quantity 1) TK5727
  • 11.64
TK5730 Easi-tip blade L26 xW 9 x T1.5 double sided (quantity 1) TK5730
  • 10.44
TK5742 Easi-tip blade L27 x W12 x T1.5 double sided (quantity 1) TK5742
  • 8.88
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