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It’s easy to say whatever we like about ourselves, but why would you believe us? So here are some comments that our customers have made about us.

M.L., Helsinki, Finland,
"Thanks for your brilliant service!"
D.C., Skipton,
"Thank you for your helpful professional advice. How refreshing to find a knowledgeable salesperson who isn't simply trying to sell the most expensive product to do the job."
D.G., Shipley,
"Thank you for your prompt delivery of this excellent cutter which has enabled me to complete a couple of pieces of furniture very well."
A.D., Kildare,
"Thanks for the great help and professional service. I'll look forward to dealing with your company again. Highly recommendable."
C.B., Lot, France,
"My order has just arrived with me here in southern France. I have to say that these are the very best router cutters I have seen, they are unbelievably sharp for tungsten, which I always find is a job to get really sharp. Many thanks for these, I am looking forward to using them."
J.O., Braintree,
"Many thanks for the delivery of goods in quick time. Have tried cutter and really pleased with it. It’s the first time I’ve bought from you and I found your catalogue very comprehensive and the ordering process nice and easy."
L.T., Runcorn,
"I have had a number of cutters from you and delighted to say they are the best I've ever used. I've just routed out a deep hole 2`` diameter in European Oak and the cutter cut like a hot knife through butter! I'm not one for normally giving feed back, but credit where its due. Thank you Wealden."
R.T., Guestling,
"I have ordered from you for a long time now, both as an amateur cabinetmaker and I also used your router cutters as a teacher of Craft and Design until my retirement. You have never let me down. The turn around speed from ordering to delivery is fantastic. Thanks."