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It’s easy to say whatever we like about ourselves, but why would you believe us? So here are some comments that our customers have made about us.

R.T., Bandon, Co. Cork,
"Excellent stuff.  You guys run a fantastic company, great products at reasonable prices. I've been using your router bits for years now and am always happy with them.  Great service too!  Keep it up. Kind regards, happy customer."
T.B., Redcar,
"Chisels are spot on. Job’s a good ‘un."
G.A., Aberdeenshire,
"I just wanted to say "thank you very much" for my order which arrived this morning in rural Aberdeenshire.  I am only a hobbyist, but for me the high quality of the router bits together with the very fast service is something I very much appreciate.  Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in this crazy world!!"
J.W., Bilston,
"Good morning all at Wealden Tools, just a quick email to thank you all for your exceptional service, not for the first time either. I ordered some drills from you about 10.30 am Monday and they arrived here in the Black Country next day Tuesday at 9.00 am. Brilliant service once again from Wealden. This service seems to be the norm from your company, well done and thank you all once again. Please show this email to your boss, you all deserve a bonus!!"
H.G., Gunnislake,
"The router cutter I ordered from you yesterday afternoon arrived this morning. That's what I call service! The cheaper one I ordered elsewhere about three weeks ago still has not arrived. I think I know where to go for router cutters in future. Plus, informative website and courteous staff (who bothered to phone me to check that I really wanted the 3/8" shaft - which I didn't). Brilliant. I recommend your company to anyone who needs router cutters etc. What a pleasure it is to deal with people who know what they're doing and actually seem to care about good customer service."
D.F., Dublin,
"Thank you so much for all the assistance today, as well as fast processing of our order.  We have lots of joinery &  woodworking customers come to our sawmill each day, sometimes disgruntled with the poor service and lack of information from some other tooling companies in the UK .  When they ask, it’s great to refer them to you at Wealden Tool.  Sometimes these things go unsaid."
C.W., Donaghadee,
"Just to say that my order arrived today, very pleased to see that both orders were combined into one parcel. The bits are perfect! Super sharp and really well balanced. My router is very happy. Delighted to have found you guys, will be a returning customer."
G.E., Salisbury,
"Wealden Tools are an amazing company.  Used them for centuries!"
A.M., Bury St. Edmunds,
"Why do I buy from Wealden Tools?  Forums originally, but then product quality and service bring me back every time!"
C.C, Totnes,
"I have used Wealden Tool Co. on and off for over 30 years.  They have been consistent in the quality of their products and the level of service.  Prices have always been as good as can be expected for quality tooling."
C.M., Taunton,
" I just want to express my gratitude to you guys, as I’ve used you twice. Both times checkout was easy and delivery was swift and the cutters are brilliant - just shows that’s quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. "
J.W., Birmingham,
"Great quality at great prices backed up with expert knowledge."
N.L. Carpentry, Shepton Mallet,
"Have used many times before and without exception have always had excellent service and tooling."
Dr. G.A., Kings Norton,
"Use Wealden to purchase all my router bits - great value and well made.  When advice required, a quick phone call and I've got my needs fulfilled."
R.G., Wrexham,
"I have just used the 35 mm panel mould cutter recently purchased from yourselves.  Just a quick note to say that I am delighted with the results on the drawer fronts just routed.  Thanks for the excellent quality bits that you provide."
H.S., Armagh,
"Why did I buy from Wealden?  They actually made the cutters I was in need of, at a price I was willing to pay, without trumpets, bells and whistles, as is often the trend!"
J.G., London,
"I have been buying from you for 35 years and am very pleased with the quality of your products."
J.R., Edinburgh,
"Availability of exactly the small rebate bits required for musical instrument making, which I have found difficult to obtain."
S.R., Cheltenham,
"I love you!  You're always there for me.  Exceptional service.  Thank you."
"Borrowed one of your router cutters for the first time the other day and was really impressed with the performance from a used bit."
D.M., Hebden Bridge,
"Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service with this order. Searching online I found a reference to your company with a recommendation that your chisels were as good as those offered by competitors at twice the price. I saw that I had missed the 3.00 deadline for same day dispatch, and was reconciled to having to wait for a few days to be able to progress the project I had been working on. So I was delighted to get an email from you an hour or so later to say that the chisel had been dispatched. And it arrived in the post the next morning. So in less than 24 hours from realising that I needed a new chisel, I had cut all 16 mortices required for four cupboard doors! I am very pleased with the results. Clean accurate mortices which have made it easy to cut the tenons to fit. And I have already lined up the next project this chisel will be used for."
J.G.P., Bideford,
"I have just finished cutting the binding channels on an acoustic guitar that I am building using your small series rabbeting cutters.  This is the second guitar that I've used these for.  Absolutely delighted with the results, made a tricky job a lot easier.  Your prices are pretty good too."
M.J., Pontefract,
"I don't often do this, but I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the superb router cutters you supply.  I wouldn't be able to make the things I do without them!"
P.R., Niinijoki, Finland,
"My order arrived today, and I want to thank You for your quick service! First tools have been tested, and I am very satisfied."
M.J., Cheltenham,
"Many thanks for great products and superb service."