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Most of our catalogues, price lists, data and application sheets are available in PDF format for download. You will need Adobe Acrobat® loaded on your computer to be able to view or print them.

Acrobat reader software can be downloaded free with this link.

Need help with downloading? Click here.


Routing & Drilling Tooling 2015/16
Routing Tooling latest additions 2015

116 pages
4 pages

Spindle Tooling 2013
Spindle Tooling latest additions 2015

64 pages
2 pages

Sawblade leaflet 2015
CNC catalogue 2016

4 pages
48 pages

Price lists

Router January 2015 UK and EEC

8 pages

Router January 2015 Export & Channel Isles

8 pages

Spindle Tooling 2013 - including VAT

4 pages


Spindle Tooling 2013 - excluding VAT

4 pages



Data sheets


Order form

1 page

Account application form

1 page


Application details for our spindle tooling

1 page

Full size profile sheets

9 pages

  BACS payment details 1 page


Application sheets


T4000 series profile and scribe combination bits

2 pages

T4100 series panelled door sets

2 pages

T4140 series panelled door sets

2 pages

T4200 series reversible door sets

1 page

T4300 series panelled door sets

1 page

T4344 series frame jointing sets

1 page

T5575 finger jointing set

2 pages

Miniature & modelling cutters

2 pages

Drawer corner lock type A cutters

1 page

Linen fold cutters

2 pages

Raise-A-Panel moulding sets

2 pages




Download Help

These download files are in PDF format and if you have Acrobat viewer loaded they will be viewable in a new window in your browser. To return to the selecton page, use the back button in your browser. You can view and print these details straight from the screen, but if you want to keep a copy, go to the FILE menu and select SAVE AS or click the save icon as shown here:-

Some of these files (router and spindle catalogues) are large, approximately 4-6 mB, and could take over an hour to download on a dial-up connection. The two largest catalogue files can be downloaded direct to to your computer as ZIP files. These are slightly smaller, so will download more quickly, but you will need a program such as WinZip to unzip them. To download these files, click on the NUMBER OF PAGES link:-

If you are on a dial-up connection you may want to consider getting a download manager such as SpeedGet from Amazesoft .


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