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About Mini Mould

  • Cutter heads and arbors for router tables

    Cutter heads and arbors for router tables

    This new and unique system allows you to use your router and table as a miniature spindle moulder. Various arbor and cutter head combinations are available to enable the production of mouldings with one or more passes. With the short arbors and a guide bearing the cutters may be used freehand or with the longer arbors they can be used in a table. The longest arbors enable mouldings to be run in the middle of boards up to 150mm wide. Suitable for edge moulding boards and producing a wide range  of mouldings for use in furniture restoration etc.
  • System
    The Mini Mould system can be used with or without bearings. The matching bearing gives the optimum depth of cut on all cutters except Vee types, where it gives the maximum cut depth. Other bearings may be used to alter the cutting depth.

    All component parts need to be ordered separately i.e cutter heads, bearings and arbors. The arbor is complete with spacers.
  • Cuts
    The cuts may be combined on some of the cutterhead types to produce wider sections of moulding. For example, the sunk bead on the sample has been moulded four times to produce a four bead section on this board, which is 150mm wide.
Hints & Tips
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