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Help in locating a product

  • Select the type of product and navigate through the menu
  • If you know the part number you want enter it in the search CLICK HERE. Only enter the first 5 digits of the part number and use upper case. Do not include any decimal points, dashes or fractions etc.
  • Enter the cutter description into the search box (i.e. Panel raising) and click go
  • Click on search by shape and select the shape of moulding you require
  • Use the site map to navigate through the site.

You can also telephone our technical help line (01580-890500) for more information on any of our products. Please note that we do not produce one off custom designed cutters. We can make specials but the minimum quantity is 100 pieces. If you need a single custom cutter please phone our help number shown above and we will put you in contact with a company who will be able to help you.

Hints & Tips
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