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Engraving Swop-tip© 2 Flute

A two flute TC replaceable tip cutter for engraving on abrasive materials. The two flute design gives a superior finish and is suitable for use on all solid timbers. The up shear cutting action ensures good chip removal and fast cutting rates. Not suitable for use on veneered boards or MFC.

Engraving Swop-tipİ 2 Flute
Engraving Swop-tip© 2 Flute
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  • Engraving Swop-tipİ 2 Flute Thumbnail
NA1912010 10mm12mm22mm39mm88mm NA1912010
  • £156.00
Replacement parts Replacement parts
NA0050190 STC knife 24 x 12 x 1.5 45 degree (single) NA0050190
  • £13.20
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