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Trend Items at Bargain Prices

Due to warehouse stock consolidation, the following Trend items are available at rock bottom prices.

All items are in the current Trend range unless marked to the contrary and prices include VAT.

Please note these sale items cannot be repeated at these prices nor returned for a refund.

Trend Items at Bargain Prices
3/83MX1/2TC Two Flute Straight 12.7mm short shank for Makita1/2" 3/83MX1/2TC
  • 26.50
18/50X1/4TC Classic Panel & Edge Mould1/4" 18/50X1/4TC
  • 36.70
22/3X1/4TC Ogee Panel d=27.0mm1/4" 22/3X1/4TC
  • 36.50
32/11X1/2TC Dovetail Cutter for Trend Stair Housing Jig RH rotation1/2" 32/11X1/2TC
  • 37.40
34/3TC Groover/Slotter kerf=8.0mm bore=12.0mmn/a 34/3TC
  • 45.70
34/7TC Groover/Slotter kerf=7.0mm bore=M12 suitable for Arbor 33/10 & 33/20 n/a 34/7TC
  • 48.40
34/9TC Groover/Slotter kerf=2.5mm bore=M12 suitable for Arbor 33/10 & 33/20 n/a 34/9TC
  • 44.10
T46/04X1/4TC Bearing guided Trimmer d=12.7mm c=16.0mm1/4" T46/04X1/4TC
  • 19.40
61/08X1/4TC Dowel Drill Lip and Spur d=8mm l=35mm1/4" 61/08X1/4TC
  • 18.60
61/10X1/4TC Dowel Drill Lip and Spur d=7/32" l=27mm1/4" 61/10X1/4TC
  • 15.50
90/10X1/2TC Corian Waterfall Edge Cutter1/2" 90/10X1/2TC
  • 47.20
RT/10X1/2TC Rota-Tip one replaceable tip blade d=12.7mm c=30.0mm1/2" RT/10X1/2TC
  • 43.00
RT/80X1/4TC Rota-Tip 'V' Groove 45 degree unguided d=17.0mm DISCONTINUED ITEM1/4" RT/80X1/4TC
  • 36.00
4109/10RTC Dowel Drill Lip & Spur d=10.0mm l=25mm DISCONTINUED ITEM10mm 4109/10RTC
  • 13.50
6200/8TC Adjustable Countersink d=4.76mm D=15.9mmas chuck 6200/8TC
  • 25.20
IT/SO1070133 Straight two flute STC d=6.0mm l=60mm6mm IT/SO1070133
  • 24.70
RT/3.5 Screw for RT/10-RT/21n/a RT/3.5
  • 1.80
RT/4.0 Screw for RT/40 & RT41n/a RT/4.0
  • 1.80
B15 Bearing d=15.0mm bore=1/4" thickness 5.9mmn/a B15
  • 11.50
B18 Bearing d=18.0mm bore=1/4" thickness 7/32"n/a B18
  • 11.70
RDT/20TC One pair of knives for use with the Trend Rosette drilling tooln/a RDT/20TC
  • 46.80
S47/70X1/4STC Trims plastic overlay at 90 & 60 degrees d=6.3mm1/4" S47/70X1/4STC
  • 27.90
IT/2014217 Dowel Drill RH d=12mm10mm IT/2014217
  • 15.90
IT/2015107 Dowel Drill RH d=9mm DISCONTINUED ITEM10mm IT/2015107
  • 15.90
IT/2015307 Dowel Drill RH d=11mm10mm IT/2015307
  • 15.90
IT/2015427 Dowel Drill RH d=13mm10mm IT/2015427
  • 18.30
11/50X1/4HSS HSS Decor Panel r=4.0mm d=13.0mm c=12.5mm DISCONTINUED ITEM1/4" 11/50X1/4HSS
  • 25.50
59/1X1/4HSS HSS Pierce & Trim Single Flute for aluminium faced panels d=6.3mm c=19.1mm1/4" 59/1X1/4HSS
  • 24.90
2214/58WS HSS Plug Maker d=5/8" 1/2" 2214/58WS
  • 53.00
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