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About Window System Cutters

  • Tooling to assist in the production of timber windows

    Tooling to assist in the production of timber windows

    A selection of tooling to assist in the production of timber windows using a router, rather than a spindle moulder. This unique set of cutters, designed by Wealden and Fry Design, is a relatively simple system using the minimum of machinery: a router, a saw and only a few other tools. A video showing the basic sequence of making a UK window can be found by searching on YouTube for "Router Window system". A page-turning leaflet is available from this link.
  • Professional windows
    The tools will produce professional outward-opening flush timber windows in a UK style.

    Using our suggested timber section sizes for the frame and sash will ensure that our cutters will produce the correct mouldings. In addition, our pdf calculator will work out a detailed cutting list. A set of prints illustrating general construction details, section sizes, jigs etc. is available priced at £15.00 inc. VAT, part number TWS1005. Not available to buy online - please call us for details.

    It must be stressed that these tools are NOT intended for use by the novice, but by competent woodworkers with a knowledge of window-making.

    Additional cutters from our standard range that may be required in the production of windows:

    T1419M 19mm straight 2 flute
    T1430M 30mm straight 2 flute
    T2121 1/2 12mm deep pocket
    T2522 1/2 12mm bead and edge radius
    T8030 12.7mm template trim
    T310 12.7mm hinge mortising
    T1941 1/2 10 degree bevel
    TB1942 11mm special window system bearing kit for above

    Before committing to the manufacture of windows you should be aware of the following: Building regulations now have additional requirements for installation of windows and doors in domestic dwellings. If your work involves building control you will need heat loss u-value figures for the windows and you may also need CE certification for building regulations approval. If in doubt please ask.

Hints & Tips
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