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Rougher Up Cut

Roughing cutters are designed for high feed rates on CNC routers in dense materials such as hardwoods and plywood, when surface finish is not important. The rougher bit makes the first cut, followed by a second cut using a profile type tool. This cutter will produce a rippled edge to the cut. It is extremely quiet and smooth in operation, even with heavy cuts and high feed rates.

Rougher Up Cut
Rougher Up Cut
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  • Rougher Up Cut Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCDPriceDetailsBuy
T8UR8000A 8.05/1625.0mm8mm76.2mm T8UR8000A
  • 52.08
T8UR8000B 8.05/1632.0mm8mm80mm T8UR8000B
  • 52.08
T9UR1000A 10.025/6425.0mm10mm76.2mm T9UR1000A
  • 47.88
T9UR1000B 10.025/6432.0mm10mm76.2mm T9UR1000B
  • 65.76
T2UR1270A 12.71/225.0mm1/2"76.2mm T2UR1270A
  • 81.84
T2UR1270B 12.71/232.0mm1/2"76.2mm T2UR1270B
  • 79.20
no stock
T2UR1270E 12.71/252.0mm1/2"101.6mm T2UR1270E
  • 95.64
no stock
T7UR1600D 16.00.629952.0mm16mm102.0mm T7UR1600D
  • 108.72
no stock
T7UR1600G 16.00.629972.0mm16mm120.0mm T7UR1600G
  • 115.08
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