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Replacement blades for the Versofix cutters. Check the blade number listed against the cutter for the correct part. Blades are sold singly or in boxes of 10. The box part number has the suffix "B" (ie K69886B).
The K69885 blades have chamfered corners to reduce tearout when through boring.

ABCQty.For Cutter DiameterPriceDetailsBuy
K69883 20mm5.5mm1.1mm18-12mm K69883
  • 17.28
K69883B 20mm5.5mm1.1mm108-12mm K69883B
  • 142.56
K69884 30mm6.5mm1.1mm112.7mm K69884
  • 16.92
K69884B 30mm6.5mm1.1mm1012.7mm K69884B
  • 137.16
K69886 50mm6.5mm1.1mm112.7mm K69886
  • 19.56
K69886B 50mm6.5mm1.1mm1012.7mm K69886B
  • 166.56
K69880 20mm10mm1.5mm1from 14mm K69880
  • 18.48
K69880B 20mm10mm1.5mm10from 14mm K69880B
  • 160.92
K69881 30mm10mm1.5mm1from 14mm K69881
  • 14.64
K69881B 30mm10mm1.5mm10from 14mm K69881B
  • 114.48
K69882 50mm10mm1.5mm1from 14mm K69882
  • 18.96
no stock
K69882B 50mm10mm1.5mm10from 14mm K69882B
  • 158.76
no stock
K69885 50mm10mm1.5mm1from 14mm K69885
  • 25.68
K69885B 50mm10mm1.5mm10from 14mm K69885B
  • 221.03
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