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Radius groover - single

This two flute bearing guided groover produces a radiused bottom groove or flute. This type of cutter may be used for producing decorative edge moulds, flutes etc. on straight or curved work. It is also commonly used for producing drip grooves. The bearing assembly may be completely removed giving greater flexibility in the use of the cutter. The bearing supplied is a TB620 (16mm diameter) which sets the depth of cut to the "A" dimension. Smaller and larger bearings may also be fitted which will vary the depth of cut - contact our technical department for details.

Radius groover - single
Radius groover - single
Radius groover - single
  • Radius groover - single Thumbnail
  • Radius groover - single Thumbnail
  • Radius groover - single Thumbnail
T2303B 3.0mm6.0mm1/4"38mm22mm T2303B
  • 21.72
T2304B 4.0mm8.0mm1/4"38mm24mm T2304B
  • 25.92
T2305B 5.0mm10.0mm1/4"38mm26mm T2305B
  • 25.80
T2305B-1/2 5.0mm10.0mm1/2"40mm26mm T2305B-1/2
  • 23.04
T2306B 6.0mm12.0mm1/4"38mm28mm T2306B
  • 28.92
T2306B-8 6.0mm12.0mm8mm35mm28mm T2306B-8
  • 26.28
T2306B-1/2 6.0mm12.0mm1/2"40mm28mm T2306B-1/2
  • 29.04
T2310B-8 10.0mm20.0mm8mm35mm36mm T2310B-8
  • 33.84
T2310B-1/2 10.0mm20.0mm1/2"40mm36mm T2310B-1/2
  • 33.84
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