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RH Cylinder drill

Tungsten carbide tipped boring bits with 2 pointed spurs, centring point and two blades. The drills have 10mm cylindrical shank with flat and length adjustment screw.
For use on multi-borers, automatics and CNC machines. A reducer sleeve (TA7) is also available to enable the shank to fit in a 1/2" collet.
N.B. 90mm long cutters do not have a flat on the shank or length adjustment screw.
Suitable for cutting hard wood, soft wood and man made boards.

RH Cylinder drill
RH Cylinder drill
RH Cylinder drill
RH Cylinder drill
  • RH Cylinder drill Thumbnail
  • RH Cylinder drill Thumbnail
  • RH Cylinder drill Thumbnail
  • RH Cylinder drill Thumbnail
ØD C1PriceDetailsBuy
57.5mm length z=2+2 57.5mm length z=2+2
DS57015R 15.0mm57.5mm DS57015R
  • £24.36
DS57016R 16.0mm57.5mm DS57016R
  • £24.72
DS57017R 17.0mm57.5mm DS57017R
  • £25.20
DS57018R 18.0mm57.5mm DS57018R
  • £25.20
DS57020R 20.0mm57.5mm DS57020R
  • £25.92
DS57022R 22.0mm57.5mm DS57022R
  • £26.40
DS57024R 24.0mm57.5mm DS57024R
  • £26.88
DS57025R 25.0mm57.5mm DS57025R
  • £26.88
DS57026R 26.0mm57.5mm DS57026R
  • £27.48
DS57028R 28.0mm57.5mm DS57028R
  • £28.44
DS57030R 30.0mm57.5mm DS57030R
  • £28.44
DS57032R 32.0mm57.5mm DS57032R
  • £29.04
DS57035R 35.0mm57.5mm DS57035R
  • £29.04
DS57040R 40.0mm57.5mm DS57040R
  • £36.96
no stock
70.0mm length z=2+2 70.0mm length z=2+2
DS70015R 15.0mm70.0mm DS70015R
  • £25.92
DS70016R 16.0mm70.0mm DS70016R
  • £26.28
DS70018R 18.0mm70.0mm DS70018R
  • £26.88
DS70020R 20.0mm70.0mm DS70020R
  • £27.12
DS70025R 25.0mm70.0mm DS70025R
  • £28.44
DS70026R 26.0mm70.0mm DS70026R
  • £28.92
DS70030R 30.0mm70.0mm DS70030R
  • £29.88
DS70035R 35.0mm70.0mm DS70035R
  • £30.00
DS70040R 40.0mm70.0mm DS70040R
  • £38.52
90.0mm length z=2+2 90.0mm length z=2+2
DS90018R 18.0mm90.0mm DS90018R
  • £24.60
DS90020R 20.0mm90.0mm DS90020R
  • £26.64
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