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Ball-End Up Cut

A range of high quality micro-grain solid carbide spiral upcut cutters with ball ends to give clean transition between depths. Primarily aimed at 3-D carving in CNC machines, this cutter may find other uses in freehand routing.
All cutters are two flute.

Ball-End Up Cut
Ball-End Up Cut
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  • Ball-End Up Cut Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCDPriceDetailsBuy
T1UB3000 3.000.11825.0mm3mm70.0mm T1UB3000
  • £29.04
T4UB6350 6.351/425.4mm1/4"63.5mm T4UB6350
  • £35.52
T8UB8000 8.005/1625.0mm8mm76.2mm T8UB8000
  • £44.28
T2UB1270A 12.71/231.7mm1/2"76.2mm T2UB1270A
  • £56.64
T2UB1270L 12.71/254.0mm1/2"101.6mm T2UB1270L
  • £83.76
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