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Dished Mould

A two flute cutter with replaceable TC tips to produce shallow dished mouldings. The TC tips have an up-shear configuration and extend to the centre line of the cutter.
The Swop-Tip® knives make this an economical choice when working with abrasive materials.

Dished Mould
Dished Mould
  • Dished Mould Thumbnail
  • Dished Mould Thumbnail
NT17060160 58mm24mm16mm80mm300mm NT17060160
  • £210.36
Replacement parts Replacement parts
NA0017030 29.4x11x1.5 Swop-Tip® dished R=300mm - single NA0017030
  • £25.80
KT15 Torx key T15 KT15
  • £2.64
TQ408 Torx screw M4 x 6 (6mm head) TQ408
  • £2.28
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