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Most of our catalogues, price lists, data and application sheets are available in PDF format for download. You will need Adobe Acrobat loaded on your computer to be able to view or print them.

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Routing & Drilling Tooling 2021/22 132 pages

Spindle Tooling 202156 pages

Sawblade leaflet 2022 4 pages

CNC catalogue 202164pages

Data sheets

Order form 1 page

Application details for our spindle tooling 1 page

Full size profile sheets 9 pages

Router Base for Bead & Butt MDF - Sketch1 image file

Router Base for Bead & Butt MDF - dxf file1 .dxf file

Application sheets

T4000 series profile and scribe combination bits 2 pages

T4100 series panelled door sets 2 pages

T4140 series panelled door sets 2 pages

T4200 series reversible door sets 1 page

T4300 series panelled door sets 1 page

T4340 series frame jointing sets 2 pages

T5575 finger jointing set 2 pages

Miniature & modelling cutters 2 pages

Drawer corner lock type A cutters 1 page

Linen fold cutters 2 pages

Raise-A-Panel moulding sets 2 pages
VCarve Pro files
  Boot remover  .crv file
  Push stick  .crv file
  Router Base for Bead & Butt MDF .crv file
  CNC One Piece Raised Panel Door .crv file
Hints & Tips
Cutter manufacturers will tell you, with good reason, that the router owes its versatility to the enormous range of cutters available for itRead more...