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Up-Cut 2 Flute

These 2 flute up-cut spirals from our Persistence Pro© range feature solid K10 grade micro-grain tungsten carbide bodies with a DLC coating. This gives a high performance product which typically offers 2-3 times the life of uncoated TC, with the additional benefit of a low coefficent of friction and smoother cutting on all timber based materials.


DLC coating (diamond like carbon) is a surface finish applied to the solid tungsten carbide cutter body by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PE-CVD) under vacuum and at low temperature.

The PE-CVD applied coating of hybridized carbon, SP2 graphite and SP3 diamond, gives a harder surface coat with a lower friction co-efficient, leading to a tool life which is typically 2-3 times that of untreated STC.

Principal technical data:
Vickers hardness HV 2500-3100
Deposition temperature 170 °C
Maximum usage temperature 250 °C
Thickness µ 1-3
Coefficient of friction 0.01-0.05X
Up-Cut 2 Flute
Up-Cut 2 Flute
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  • Up-Cut 2 Flute Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCDPriceDetailsBuy
TP8U6000A 6.0015/6419.0mm8mm80.0mm TP8U6000A
  • 45.36
TP8U8000B 8.005/1625.0mm8mm80.0mm TP8U8000B
  • 46.80
TP9U1000R 10.0025/6432.0mm10mm80.0mm TP9U1000R
  • 53.76
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