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About Duflex

  • About Duflex
    The unique DUFLEX system of arbors, heads and blades provides production–quality drilling solutions with a flexible range of sizes and configurations. Manufactured from quality materials, these products are engineered for the most demanding applications.
  • Selecting Components

    Selecting Components

    Tempered and durable boring heads are ideal for heavy work and continuous use. Bore diameters ranging from 15mm to 40mm can be made using only three different drilling heads.

    The patented design of the DUFLEX inserts with an optimum cutting angle of 25° and ground-in chip breaker avoids over-heating and ensures clean and precise boring. The tapered cutting edges mean that machining starts from the centre to ensure good centring and an easy cut. The combination of spurs, centre point and cutting edge in the DUFLEX tungsten carbide insert ensures excellent tool life when processing hard wood, glued wood, coated and uncoated panel materials.

    When turning or replacing the inserts, only two retaining screws need to be removed. The self-centring fixing guarantees precise boring without any setting up.

    The alternative V-form cutter heads allow for additional replaceable cutting spurs, which give better centring on inaccurate seatings, excellent clean cutting even on difficult materials and higher feed speed on automatic boring machines.
    In addition, the replaceable spurs may be set to allow the cutting diameter to be enlarged by up to 1mm.


    To order a Duflex assembly you will need three components.
  • 1. Blade
    1. Blade
    Firstly, select the blade depending on the hole size you need to produce.
  • 2. Head
    2. Head
    Next, select the head to suit the size of blade you have chosen.
  • 3. Arbor
    3. Arbor
    Finally, select the arbor depending on the shank size and length you require
  • Knives

    Knives are available in 3 profiles: Form A, Form B and Form D

    Form A: TC insert with centre point and ground-in spurs. For hardwood and laminated or non-laminated boards.

    Form B: TC insert with centre point and bevel wings. For hard plastic coatings (laminates). Gives improved hole quality and longer life.

    Form D: TC insert (single-sided) with centre point and bevel wings. Special form for machine speeds over 12,000rpm (e.g. hand routers). Increased relief angle prevents over–heating, scorching and rapid blunting of cutting edge.
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