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Arbor Standard

A range of arbors to suit various 1/4" bore arbor mounting cutters including the groovers below. They are available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 8mm shank sizes. More than one cutter may be mounted on the arbor to produce the cutting width required. It is not advisable to use more than 2 cutters on the 1/4" shank versions. N.B. THE ARBOR IS SUPPLIED COMPLETE WITH A SET OF SPACERS.

Arbor Standard
T3010 1/4"26mm1/4"32mm T3010
  • £12.36
T3010-8 1/4"26mm8mm40mm T3010-8
  • £11.76
T3010-3/8 1/4"26mm3/8"36mm T3010-3/8
  • £11.76
T3010-1/2 1/4"26mm1/2"40mm T3010-1/2
  • £11.76
T3020 1/4"36mm1/4"34mm T3020
  • £13.56
T3020-8 1/4"36mm8mm42mm T3020-8
  • £13.56
T3020-3/8 1/4"36mm3/8"40mm T3020-3/8
  • £13.56
T3020-1/2 1/4"36mm1/2"40mm T3020-1/2
  • £14.28
T3024-1/2 1/4"42mm1/2"40mm T3024-1/2
  • £17.28
T3030-1/2 1/4"22mm1/2"85mm T3030-1/2
  • £12.96
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