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Plain Taper Raise

A block with replaceable TC knives for machining traditional tapered raised panels. The body is in steel and is fitted with 2 taper and 2 vertical reversible knives. The block is a top cut version which moulds the raise with the back of the panel flat on the table. A magnetic setting piece is also included which is used to position the blades to ensure a uninform cut.
Manufactured to EN847-1/2 - suitable for HAND FEEDING.

Plain Taper Raise
Plain Taper Raise
Plain Taper Raise
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  • Plain Taper Raise Thumbnail
  • Plain Taper Raise Thumbnail
Maximum RPM
F268210 180mm28mm30mm
  • 234.00
Replacement parts Replacement parts
F000520 Vertical TC knife 20x12x1.5 (single) F000520
  • 2.40
F000560 Horizontal TC knife 60x12x1.5 (single) F000560
  • 4.20
F003103 Clamp wedge 59mm F003103
  • 16.20
F003104 Clamp wedge 19mm F003104
  • 10.80
F003105 Clamp block M8 F003105
  • 7.20
F003106 Clamp screww M8 x M6 x 19mm F003106
  • 4.08
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