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Helical Flute UpCut STC

A range of helical fluted up-cut solid tungsten carbide cutters specially ground for cutting acrylic.
The polished flute design allows for smooth feed rate, efficient chip clearance and a cleaner finish.
Single flute solid carbide cutters offer fast cutting and are especially suited to cutting low melting point plastics.
The design of two flute cutters gives reduced contact with the material, plus gradual lead-in when first cutting and is the perfect preparation before flame polishing of Perspex.

Helical Flute UpCut STC
D mmC1 mmd ShankOL mmFlutesPriceDetailsBuy
T4AU300AZ2 3.00121/4"652 T4AU300AZ2
  • 29.10
T4AU400AZ2 4.00141/4"652 T4AU400AZ2
  • 29.90
T4AU600BZ2 6.00191/4"652 T4AU600BZ2
  • 28.56
T4AU630AZ1 6.35101/4"651 T4AU630AZ1
  • 26.40
T4AU630BZ1 6.35201/4"651 T4AU630BZ1
  • 27.50
T8AU400AZ2 4.00148.0802 T8AU400AZ2
  • 37.50
T8AU600BZ2 6.00198.0802 T8AU600BZ2
  • 37.98
T8AU800BZ2 8.00258.0802 T8AU800BZ2
  • 39.85
T8AU800CZ1 8.00308.0801 T8AU800CZ1
  • 33.84
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