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Template Trim

A bearing guided two flute trimming cutter with the guide bearing mounted on the cutter shank. This enables the cutter to produce profiles by following a template. This type of cutter is particularly suited to profile work with the router mounted in a table. The long series 1/2 inch shank cutter may also be used for worktops etc.
** The bearings on these cutters are not replaceable.

Spare parts should be selected from this table and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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Template Trim
Template Trim
Template Trim
Template Trim
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T8029B 9.5mm12mm1/4"40mmTB385 x 2 T8029B
  • £12.13
no stock
T8033B 9.5mm19mm1/4"40mmTB385 x 2 T8033B
  • £12.90
T8054B-8 10.0mm12mm8mm74mm** T8054B-8
  • £21.72
T8024B 12.7mm4mm1/4"40mmTB504 T8024B
  • £10.50
T8026B 12.7mm8mm1/4"40mmTB504 T8026B
  • £13.45
T8027B 12.7mm12mm1/4"40mmTB504 T8027B
  • £14.15
T8028B 12.7mm19mm1/4"40mmTB504 T8028B
  • £14.70
T8056B-8 12.7mm20mm8mm74mm** T8056B-8
  • £23.16
T8030B 12.7mm25mm1/4"40mmTB504 T8030B
  • £18.70
no stock
T8031B 12.7mm32mm1/4"40mmTB504 T8031B
  • £18.70
T8032B 16.0mm25mm1/4"40mmTB625 T8032B
  • £20.60
T8034B 19.0mm25mm1/4"40mmTB748 T8034B
  • £23.05
T8021B-8 12.0mm5mm8mm40mmTB645 x 2 T8021B-8
  • £13.25
no stock
T8023B-8 12.0mm12mm8mm40mmTB645 x 2 T8023B-8
  • £16.68
T8025B-8 12.0mm25mm8mm50mmTB645 x 2 T8025B-8
  • £18.13
T8036B-3/8 26.0mm26mm3/8"45mmTB920 T8036B-3/8
  • £29.30
T8037B-1/2 19.0mm10mm1/2"48mmTB575 T8037B-1/2
  • £22.55
T8038B-1/2 19.0mm20mm1/2"48mmTB575 T8038B-1/2
  • £22.55
no stock
T8039B-1/2 19.0mm30mm1/2"48mmTB575 T8039B-1/2
  • £25.33
no stock
T8040B-1/2 19.0mm55mm1/2"48mmTB575 T8040B-1/2
  • £29.60
T8042B-1/2 19.0mm75mm1/2"48mmTB575 T8042B-1/2
  • £34.68
T8044B-1/2 20.0mm25mm1/2"48mm** T8044B-1/2
  • £32.28
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