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Horizontal Clamp

These have a much lower profile than vertical clamps as the handle is in the horizontal position when clamped. This makes them ideal where a machine head is passing above the work or where vertical handles would obstruct the use of hand tools. The handles have comfortable PVC grips. All clamps are supplied with tough rubber headed clamp screws.
The column marked "Force" is the holding force of the clamp with the clamp screw at the mid position.

Toggle clamps provide extremely versatile manual clamping arrangements for all manner of repetitive operations where parts must be held rigidly to be worked on and yet be changed frequently. They utilise the toggle principle to obtain high clamping forces with only minimal user effort. They may be simply and quickly incorporated in almost any form of jig or fixture and are therefore the ideal solution in many workholding applications from industry to craftwork.
Users will find that with a little thought and the use of simple spacers, angle brackets, mounting plates etc. it is possible to produce very effective, rapid clamping methods for almost any application. These clamps can also be incorporated in assembly fixtures where light press fits are involved or when a spring has to be assembled and held under pressure during the process.X
Horizontal Clamp
Horizontal Clamp
  • Horizontal Clamp Thumbnail
  • Horizontal Clamp Thumbnail
PH35 135mm39mm4mm50mm1/4"90g PH35
  • 14.76
PH45 170mm48mm6mm65mm5/16"230Kg PH45
  • 21.00
PH55 225mm64mm26mm97mm3/8"340Kg PH55
  • 27.12
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