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Bevel plunge

This range of two flute cutters has bottom relief for plunge cutting. They are mainly used on CNC machines for plunging and bevelling 18mm MDF boards. However they may also be used for the production of multi sided boxes etc.
N.B. The T1982½ is a large cutter and is intended for use in a stationary machine and at a MAXIMUM SPEED OF 14,000 RPM.

Bevel plunge
Bevel plunge
Bevel plunge
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T1971-1/2 13.9mm30mm1/2"40mm6mm82.5° T1971-1/2
  • £23.88
T1975-1/2 22.1mm30mm1/2"40mm6mm75° T1975-1/2
  • £29.40
no stock
T1980-1/2 40.6mm30mm1/2"40mm6mm60° T1980-1/2
  • £41.04
T1981-1/2 66.0mm30mm1/2"40mm6mm45° T1981-1/2
  • £57.96
T1982-1/2 75.3mm20mm1/2"40mm6mm30° T1982-1/2
  • £67.20
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