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Espagnolette Groove

A 3 flute bearing guided cutter to produce in one pass a rebated groove for espagnolette lock systems on all timber doors and windows.

The 3 flute design ensures rapid cutting and an excellent clean finish. The espagnolette locking system offers many advantages over the traditional latch/lock systems on timber windows and doors: the multipoint locking system offers high security, with the added advantage of shoot bolts if required.

A tighter closure to the frame is achieved, ensuring that weather strips seal more effectively against drafts. This type of lock system, when combined with friction hinges, is very popular with customers, who see it as up to date and modern in appearance yet offering in a traditional material many of the benefits associated with PVCu windows and doors.

Many carpenters are wary of using the espagnolette system due to the apparent complexity in machining the necessary rebates and grooves. Although this stepped groove may be produced on a spindle, it will often be advantageous to cut it and install the locking system after the door is assembled.

This operation can be difficult, when lifting large doors onto a spindle, and also time-consuming. However, by using the router and a few cutters, the operation can be quickly and easily carried out and set-up and change-over times associated with a spindle dramatically reduced.

Espagnolette Groove
Espagnolette Groove
Espagnolette Groove
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  • Espagnolette Groove Thumbnail
  • Espagnolette Groove Thumbnail
T1755B-1/2 36mm16.2mm1/2"60mm T1755B-1/2
  • 40.20
Replacement parts Replacement parts
TB745 Replacement bearing TB745
  • 2.40
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