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Compression 2 Flute

These two flute compression spirals have up and down shear cut on the same cutter. This provides down shear cutting on the top and up shear cutting on the bottom of boards.
The sizes with the suffix M are for thicker boards, allowing multiple passes, where the smaller up cut can be sunk into the board on the first pass to still give a down shear cut, and therefore a good finish, on the top surface.
Ideal for edge trimming on double faced veneered boards, these cutters ensure a good finish on both faces of laminated and solid timber boards.
It should be noted that the most common reason for premature wear is insufficient feed rates and worn collets are the main cause of tool breakage.

Compression 2 Flute
Compression 2 Flute
Compression 2 Flute
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  • Compression 2 Flute Thumbnail
  • Compression 2 Flute Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCDEPriceDetailsBuy
T1C3000 3.000.11820.0mm3mm64.0mm3.8mm T1C3000
  • 24.36
T1C4000 4.005/3220.0mm4mm64.0mm5.0mm T1C4000
  • 36.84
T1C5000M 5.000.19720.0mm5mm64.0mm3.0mm T1C5000M
  • 38.52
T6C6000M 6.0015/6422.0mm6mm64.0mm3.5mm T6C6000M
  • 40.68
T4C6350 6.351/425.0mm1/4"64.0mm6mm T4C6350
  • 40.68
T4C6350M 6.351/425.0mm1/4"64.0mm3.5mm T4C6350M
  • 40.68
no stock
T8C8000 8.005/1625.0mm8mm70.0mm7mm T8C8000
  • 51.48
T8C8000M 8.005/1625.0mm8mm70.0mm5mm T8C8000M
  • 55.92
no stock
T3C9525 9.533/832.0mm3/8"76.2mm12mm T3C9525
  • 57.00
T3C9525M 9.533/832.0mm3/8"76.2mm5mm T3C9525M
  • 55.32
T9C1000XM 10.0025/6412.0mm10mm70.0mm2mm T9C1000XM
  • 64.80
T9C1000 10.0025/6435.0mm10mm80.0mm9mm T9C1000
  • 56.88
T2C1270 12.71/242.0mm1/2"102.0mm13mm T2C1270
  • 91.68
T2C1270M 12.71/225.0mm1/2"66.9mm9mm T2C1270M
  • 81.48
no stock
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