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Template Trim

A bearing guided two flute trimming cutter with the guide bearing mounted on the shank. These Easi-Tip cutters have replaceable TC tips, giving the benefits of consistent cutting properties and low costs, making them especially suitable for difficult or abrasive materials such as solid surface etc. For the shortest cutter, an optional blade, TK13R is also available with radius corners for improved witness marks.
The cutters are supplied complete with two TCT blades and a Torx key.

Template Trim
Template Trim
  • Template Trim Thumbnail
  • Template Trim Thumbnail
ABCDBlade Part NoPriceDetailsBuy
T8114B-8 19.0mm12mm8mm50mmTK12 T8114B-8
  • 34.80
T8116B-8 19.0mm24mm8mm50mmTK24 T8116B-8
  • 44.04
T8117B-1/2 19.0mm24mm1/2"50mmTK24 T8117B-1/2
  • 39.96
no stock
T8110B-8 28.5mm24mm8mm40mmTK24 T8110B-8
  • 40.92
T8111B-3/8 28.5mm24mm3/8"45mmTK24 T8111B-3/8
  • 40.92
T8112B-1/2 28.5mm24mm1/2"50mmTK24 T8112B-1/2
  • 40.92
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