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Flat Roman

A bearing guided two flute flat ogee cutter in three sizes. This type of cutter will find many uses for edge moulding, particularly where a wide shallow mould is required. The cutter is supplied with a bearing to produce the moulded width "A". Other bearings are available as optional extras for cutters T7541 and T7542 only (not T7540). Select from the table (click on Bearing options...). The bearing assembly may be completely removed, making the cutter suitable for false panel work etc.

Optional bearings should be selected from this table and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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Flat Roman
Flat Roman
Flat Roman
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T7540 10.0mm11mm1/4"35mm30mm5.0mm T7540
  • 34.68
T7541 15.0mm14mm1/4"35mm42mm7.5mm T7541
  • 38.52
T7541-1/2 15.0mm14mm1/2"40mm42mm7.5mm T7541-1/2
  • 42.00
T7542-1/2 25.0mm18mm1/2"40mm62mm12.5mm T7542-1/2
  • 44.40
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