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Standard steel wrenches with moulded handgrip for ER slotted nuts.
In addition to the standard wrenches, torque wrenches are available for ER25, ER32 and ER40 nuts. These ensure the correct torque on the nut to maximise the clamping force on the cutter shank without overtightening, which can damage the collet. Each wrench has two settings: one for smaller cutter shanks up to 5-6mm and the other for cutter shanks over this size.

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Collet SeriesTorque small shanksTorque large shanksPriceDetailsBuy
NWC20 ER20-- NWC20
  • 22.80
NWC25 ER25-- NWC25
  • 21.60
NWC32 ER32-- NWC32
  • 25.92
NWC40 ER40-- NWC40
  • 22.80
NWC60 OZ25-- NWC60
  • 39.00
Torque wrenches Torque wrenches
NWT20 ER2040Nm70Nm NWT20
  • 144.72
NWT25 ER2555Nm90Nm NWT25
  • 150.96
NWT32 ER3270Nm130Nm NWT32
  • 154.80
no stock
NWT40 ER40110Nm200Nm NWT40
  • 184.08
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