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Stackable Planer Head

Steel cutterhead with TC knives that can be stacked to build up the cutting height required. May be used on power feed spindle and four-head moulders. Suitable for semi finishing work as the tolerance from block to block will be within 0.03 to 0.05mm.
The cutters are staggered and the blocks interlock to prevent them spinning against each other.
Manufactured to EN847-1/2 - suitable for HAND FEEDING.

Stackable Planer Head
SizeKnivesMaximum RPMPriceDetailsBuy
F254030 125mm30mm30mm4 x F0010309000 F254030
  • 107.40
F254033 125mm30mm1-1/4"4 x F0010309000 F254033
  • 93.00
F254050 125mm50mm30mm4 x F0010509000 F254050
  • 102.00
F254053 125mm50mm1-1/4""4 x F0010509000 F254053
  • 102.00
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