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Easy-Fix Blades

TCT replacement blades for our Easy-Fix cutters. They can be rotated giving 2 cutting edges per blade. They are in grade HC05 carbide. Blades are sold singly or in boxes of 10. The box part number has the suffix 'B' (ie TK4120B).
IMPORTANT: To prevent blade fracture, when fitting a new blade ensure that the tip seating area is completely clean.

Easy-Fix Blades
ABCPack Qty.PriceDetailsBuy
TK4120 20mm4.1mm1.1mm1 TK4120
  • 2.88
TK4120B 20mm4.1mm1.1mm10 TK4120B
  • 25.92
TK5530 30mm5.5mm1.1mm1 TK5530
  • 3.00
TK5530B 30mm5.5mm1.1mm10 TK5530B
  • 27.00
TK5550 50mm5.5mm1.1mm1 TK5550
  • 3.36
TK5550B 50mm5.5mm1.1mm10 TK5550B
  • 30.24
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