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This range of two flute cutters is designed to produce decorative profiles for cornice and dado mouldings etc. They have a large cutting width and therefore need to be used in fixed head machines, with several passes taken to achieve the full profile depth.

As with all profile cutters producing a wide moulded face, best results will be achieved by taking a small final cut of between 0.5mm - 1.0mm. This allows a constant feed rate to be achieved, thus overcoming the problems of poor surface finish due to overfeeding or burning due to a low feed rate.
These cutters are designed to produce cornice mouldings from stock that is nominally 52mm x 22mm although other sizes may be used to suit particular requirements. The chamfer on the cornice may be produced after the face is moulded, either on the sawbench or with the use of a chamfer cutter such as T916B½.X
  • Cornice Thumbnail
  • Cornice Thumbnail
T5191-1/2 32mm58mm1/2"38mm T5191-1/2
  • 60.96
T5192-1/2 32mm58mm1/2"38mm T5192-1/2
  • 54.12
T5193-1/2 32mm58mm1/2"38mm T5193-1/2
  • 60.96
T5194-1/2 30mm58mm1/2"38mm T5194-1/2
  • 54.00
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