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Adjustable Set

This finger jointing cutter set comprises an arbor, bearing and a set of 6 x 2 wing cutters for joining timber and man-made boards up to a maximum thickness of 36mm.

This type of joint increases the glue line length considerably compared with a plain butt joint, and the wide abutting cutter ensures a clean joint line on the face of the timber without any risk of feather edges from the fingers. The number of fingers may be varied to suit the thickness of the timber being joined within the range 11mm to 36mm.

This versatile cutter will find many uses in joinery and cabinetmaking and is suitable for edge, corner and end-to-end joints in solid timber and man-made boards. When assembling the bit it is important to stagger the cutting edges to spread the cutting load and, as with all jointing cutters, it is essential to ensure that the wood is prepared square and straight.

Make a trial cut on a piece of scrap wood the same thickness as the job and centre the cutter, so that the abutting edges are the same width.

The cutter comes with an instruction sheet which is also available from our downloads section.

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Adjustable Set
Adjustable Set
Adjustable Set
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T5575-1/2 40mm6mm1/2"38mm T5575-1/2
  • 99.72
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