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V Groove

Two flute grooving cutters with 60° or 90° included angle. Uses include lettering and sign work, chamfering panel edges, grooving and scoring panel design. Most V groove cutters in this range have a 0.75mm flat on the bottom except the following:
T106 is ground to a point and is suitable for engraving.
T114-8 and T114-1/2 have a 1.3mm flat on the bottom.
N.B. MITRE CUTTING These are vee cutters, and the 90 degree cutters are not guaranteed to cut exactly 45 degrees. If you want to produce 45 degree cuts for mitre jointing, then see the mitre joint cutters T1985-1/2

V Groove
V Groove
V Groove
V Groove
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T105 12.5mm12.7mm1/4"38mm11.0mm60° T105
  • £23.52
T106 15mm16.0mm1/4"38mm13.8mm60° T106
  • £21.12
T110 6mm9.5mm1/4"38mm4.0mm90° T110
  • £13.80
T111 9mm12.7mm1/4"38mm7.0mm90° T111
  • £14.88
T112 11mm16.0mm1/4"38mm8.5mm90° T112
  • £15.72
T114-8 14mm14.0mm8mm38mm12.1mm60° T114-8
  • £18.48
T114-1/2 14mm14.0mm1/2"40mm12.1mm60° T114-1/2
  • £21.84
T128 28mm39.0mm1/4"38mm20.0mm90° T128
  • £30.84
T128-8 28mm39.0mm8mm38mm20.0mm90° T128-8
  • £30.84
T127-1/2 26mm38.0mm1/2"38mm19.0mm90° T127-1/2
  • £38.40
T128-1/2 28mm39.0mm1/2"38mm20.0mm90° T128-1/2
  • £35.40
T129-1/2 39mm56.0mm1/2"40mm28.0mm90° T129-1/2
  • £63.12
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