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Flat Bits

A quality flat bit manufactured in Japan, all except the smallest having a hex shank. Precision grinding and hardening produces a sharp tool and ensures a clean cut for fast and precise drilling in both soft and hard timbers.
With the aid of the extension bar, deep drilling through beams etc. is possible.
N.B. Two versions of the extension bar are available: DE2300 is for use with the Japanese type flat bits (black in colour) and DE2310 for Euro type flat bits (bright finish with 6mm hex shank) If in doubt, or you are ordering bits with this order please check with us to see which type of bits are in stock for the size you require.
These type of bits operate better in mains-powered tools where the speed is higher than in battery-driven portable machines.

Flat Bits
Flat Bits
Flat Bits
Flat Bits
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DE2006 6.0mm30mm6mm hex.152mm DE2006
  • 1.56
no stock
DE2008 8.0mm30mm6mm hex.158mm DE2008
  • 1.80
no stock
DE2010 10.0mm30mm6mm hex.158mm DE2010
  • 1.80
DE2012 12.0mm30mm6mm hex.158mm DE2012
  • 1.92
DE2013 13.0mm30mm6mm hex.168mm DE2013
  • 2.16
DE2016 16.0mm30mm6mm hex.168mm DE2016
  • 2.52
DE2019 19.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2019
  • 2.64
DE2020 20.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2020
  • 2.88
DE2022 22.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2022
  • 2.88
DE2025 25.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2025
  • 3.24
DE2026 26.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2026
  • 3.00
DE2028 28.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2028
  • 3.12
DE2032 32.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2032
  • 3.84
DE2035 35.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2035
  • 4.08
DE2038 38.0mm30mm6mm hex.170mm DE2038
  • 4.32
DE2300 extension bar30mm8mm hex.340mm DE2300
  • 9.60
DE2310 extension bar30mm6mm hex.300mm DE2310
  • 10.32
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