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Bearing guided profile cutters with matching scribes. They are suitable for many joinery applications including door and window construction, panelling etc. The Ovolo profile will produce a mould on either side of the tongue of 14-17mm so they are suitable for 44mm doors.
The cutters are available separately or in sets.

Spare parts should be selected from these tables and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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T1391-1/2 9.0mm14mm1/2"40mm34mm T1391-1/2
  • 37.32
T1396-1/2 9.0mm12mm1/2"52mm43mm T1396-1/2
  • 50.64
T1391SET-1/2 Set of T1391 and T1396 T1391SET-1/2
  • 81.12
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