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Three Flute Down-Cut

A range of three flute spiral cutters, which give an excellent top and side edge finish. The down-shear action holds the workpiece down but forces the chips down on the spoil board.
The cutters are supplied with a locator circlip, which may be removed if not required.

Three Flute Down-Cut
Three Flute Down-Cut
  • Three Flute Down-Cut Thumbnail
  • Three Flute Down-Cut Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCDPriceDetailsBuy
T7D310100B 10.00.393742mm10mm90mm T7D310100B
  • £48.00
T7D312120B 12.00.472442mm12mm90mm T7D312120B
  • £56.40
T7D312120C 12.00.472452mm12mm100mm T7D312120C
  • £63.00
T7D316160B 16.00.629952mm16mm100mm T7D316160B
  • £82.20
T7D316160X 16.00.629972mm16mm120mm T7D316160X
  • £111.60
T7D320200A 20.00.787452mm20mm100mm T7D320200A
  • £112.80
T7D320200B 20.00.787472mm20mm120mm T7D320200B
  • £150.00
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