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Chipbreaker Down-Cut

A range of three flute chipbreaker spiral cutters, which give high feed rates with low noise. The spiral chipbreaker design gives a fine serrated finish with good chip clearance. In many situations the finish given may be acceptable without any further machining operations.
The cutters may supplied with a locator circlip, which may be removed if not required.

Chipbreaker Down-Cut
Chipbreaker Down-Cut
Chipbreaker Down-Cut
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A (mm)A (inch)BCDPriceDetailsBuy
T5DC308080L 8.0mm0.314932mm8mm80mm T5DC308080L
  • £50.52
no stock
T5DC310100 10.0mm0.393732mm10mm80mm T5DC310100
  • £49.56
T5DC312120 12.0mm0.472432mm12mm90mm T5DC312120
  • £77.32
T5DC312120X 12.0mm0.472452mm1/2"100mm T5DC312120X
  • £98.16
T5DC314140X 14.0mm0.551252mm14mm110mm T5DC314140X
  • £112.92
T5DC316160X 16.0mm0.629972mm16mm130mm T5DC316160X
  • £132.36
T5DC318180L 18.0mm0.708672mm18mm120mm T5DC318180L
  • £154.22
T5DC320200 20.0mm0.787452mm20mm100mm T5DC320200
  • £137.70
T5DC320200X 20.0mm0.7874102mm20mm150mm T5DC320200X
  • £209.76
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