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Fine Crosscut Blade

For smooth crosscutting, sizing, trimming, mitre cutting on timber, plywood, particle boards, soft plastics etc. For a clean finishing cut.
Blade bores stocked are shown in column "B" - click "More info" for details.
N.B. Carriage is free to all UK addresses for blades up to 325mm dia. Blades over 325mm diameter will have an additional carriage charge applied for delivery to the Scottish Highlands, offshore islands, Northern & Southern Ireland and Europe. Please contact us for details.

Fine Crosscut Blade
Fine Crosscut Blade
  • Fine Crosscut Blade Thumbnail
  • Fine Crosscut Blade Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCTeethPriceDetailsBuy
B17042L 180mm7"30mm2.8mm42 B17042L
  • 35.00
B20048L 200mm8"30mm2.8mm48 B20048L
  • 40.80
B21048L 210mm8.25"30mm2.8mm48 B21048L
  • 41.20
B22054D 230mm9"5/8"2.9mm54 B22054D
  • 44.50
B22054L 230mm9"30mm2.9mm54 B22054L
  • 44.50
B25060D 250mm10"5/8"3.0mm60 B25060D
  • 51.50
B25060E 250mm10"16mm3.0mm60 B25060E
  • 51.50
B25060H 250mm10"20mm3.0mm60 B25060H
  • 51.50
B25060L 250mm10"30mm3.0mm60 B25060L
  • 51.50
B30072D 300mm12"5/8"3.2mm72 B30072D
  • 64.60
B30072L 300mm12"30mm3.2mm72 B30072L
  • 64.60
B31072L 315mm12.5"30mm3.2mm72 B31072L
  • 65.95
B35084L 350mm14"30mm3.5mm84 B35084L
  • 72.50
B40096L 400mm16"30mm3.6mm96 B40096L
  • 86.80
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