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Hinge Boring

A range of boring cutters to suit the popular sizes of concealed cabinet hinges and KD fittings. All sizes have a centre point and two scoring cutters and produce a clean flat bottomed hole in all timbers and particle boards. Cutters up to 26mm diameter may be used at speeds up to 25,000 rpm, however the larger cutters should ideally be used at speeds below 10,000 rpm in a pillar drill or similar, although a variable speed routing machine is also suitable. In addition to hinge sinking, these cutters are also ideal for any operation requiring a clean bored hole with a flat bottom.
The TD1835 - TD1835R - TD1835L have 10mm shank with flat and height adjustment screw, for use in multi-boring machines etc.
N.B. The TD1835L is left hand rotation.

Hinge Boring
Hinge Boring
Hinge Boring
Hinge Boring
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T1815-8 15.0mm26mm8mm36mmRH T1815-8
  • 19.44
T1820-8 20.0mm26mm8mm36mmRH T1820-8
  • 22.44
T1820 20.0mm26mm3/8"36mmRH T1820
  • 22.32
T1822 22.0mm26mm3/8"36mmRH T1822
  • 22.92
T1825 25.0mm26mm3/8"36mmRH T1825
  • 24.36
T1826 26.0mm26mm3/8"36mmRH T1826
  • 24.36
T1830 30.0mm28mm3/8"36mmRH T1830
  • 28.68
T1835-8 35.0mm28mm8mm36mmRH T1835-8
  • 33.84
T1835 35.0mm28mm3/8"36mmRH T1835
  • 30.12
TD1835 35.0mm30mm10mm26mmRH TD1835
  • 31.08
no stock
TD1835R 35.0mm30mm10mm26mmRH TD1835R
  • 31.08
TD1835L 35.0mm30mm10mm26mmLH TD1835L
  • 31.08
T1835A 35.0mm28mm1/2"36mmRH T1835A
  • 33.36
T1840 40.0mm28mm1/2"36mmRH T1840
  • 34.68
T1850 50.0mm28mm1/2"36mmRH T1850
  • 42.84
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