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Circular Sub-Base

A solid laminate sub-base 170mm diameter x 8mm thick.
The sub-base will accept the range of Steel Bushes and Plastic Bushes we stock, and is supplied with a line-up pin and bush, to ensure concentricity of cutter and guide bush.
We stock 7 types to mount directly onto a range of routing machines.
Please see the link below for a compatibility chart.

Circular Sub-Base
SBC001Sub-base set type 1 SBC001
Sub-base set type 1
  • £36.77
SBC003Sub-base set type 3 SBC003
Sub-base set type 3
  • £32.40
SBC004Sub-base set type 4 SBC004
Sub-base set type 4
  • £11.00
SBC005Sub-base set type 5 SBC005
Sub-base set type 5
  • £33.02
SBC006Sub-base set type 6 SBC006
Sub-base set type 6
  • £33.02
SBC007Sub-base set type 7 SBC007
Sub-base set type 7
  • £41.93
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