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Raise-A-Panel Set

An increasingly common requirement these days is the production of mock panelling on solid timber or MDF panels for furniture manufacture. This operation is usually carried out using a template with a top bearing guided classic ogee cutter. Whilst the result is effective it does not resemble a true raised panel.
Our unique new system uses two cutters which, with two passes using the same template, will produce an effect that more closely echos a traditional raised panel. Two sizes are available which produce either a 30mm or 40mm wide moulding and in both cases the depth of the moulded groove is 10-12mm.
On this page are the two cutter sets. If you need just one of the cutters go to the Raise A Panel Spares section.

The cutters are used in conjunction with a template of the outside shape of the desired panel. The template should be in 18mm MDF or a thinner material may be used if a starting guide is utilised. The starting guide is simply a piece of timber fixed to the template to position the base of the routing machine so that the cutter will plunge with the guide bearing in line with the cut out in the template. Set the starting guide up by fitting the raise cutter into the machine and positioning the bearing against the inner edge of the template, then fix a block onto the template against the outer edge of the router base.
To produce a panel, the raise cutter is fitted to the machine and the depth stop set to the required depth (10-12mm). The cutter is then plunged into the work at the start guide position and then run round following the template in an anticlockwise direction. To complete the effect, the profile cutter is fitted and the stop set to achieve the same depth. The cutter is then plunged into the work using the same template position and again run around this time in a clockwise direction.
Full instructions for use are supplied with the cutter sets or you can view the instruction sheet from the Downloads page.
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Raise-A-Panel Set
Raise-A-Panel Set
Raise-A-Panel Set
Raise-A-Panel Set
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  • Raise-A-Panel Set Thumbnail
  • Raise-A-Panel Set Thumbnail
  • Raise-A-Panel Set Thumbnail
Shank SizeMoulding WidthProfile CutterRaise CutterPriceDetailsBuy
T1652 1/430mmT1650T1656 T1652
  • 67.92
T1654-8 8mm30mmT1651-8T1657-8 T1654-8
  • 66.24
T1658-1/2 1/230mmT1653T1659 T1658-1/2
  • 64.56
T1664-8 8mm40mmT1662-8T1660-8 T1664-8
  • 72.96
T1668-1/2 1/240mmT1663T1661 T1668-1/2
  • 76.25
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