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Drawer Corner Lock Type A

These two flute cutters are designed to enable the rapid jointing of drawer fronts to sides, although they are equally useful for the construction of boxes etc. The locking design of the joint ensures a relatively long glue line ensuring a strong glued joint.

The cutter must be used in a table mounted router with a tall fence fitted. To produce a drawer joint, simply cut the drawer front flat down on the table with the outside facing upwards. Cut the drawer side vertically with the inside facing the fence.
The minimum stock thickness is 12mm.

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Drawer Corner Lock Type A
Drawer Corner Lock Type A
  • Drawer Corner Lock Type A Thumbnail
  • Drawer Corner Lock Type A Thumbnail
T5546 25.4mm12.7mm1/4"38mm T5546
  • £22.80
T5547-1/2 25.4mm12.7mm1/2"40mm T5547-1/2
  • £22.68
T5548-1/2 50.8mm12.7mm1/2"38mm T5548-1/2
  • £35.04
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