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Heavy Duty Knife Blades

Heavy duty 'Stanley' type 2 notch knife blades. These quality high carbon steel blades are manufactured in Sheffield England and are not to be confused with cheap imported blades. All blades are in packs of 100, with the straight blades packed in a handy plastic dispenser, which may be wall mounted. The hooked and curved blades are packed in cardboard boxes and are generally used in the flooring industry.

Heavy Duty Knife Blades
Heavy Duty Knife Blades
  • Heavy Duty Knife Blades Thumbnail
  • Heavy Duty Knife Blades Thumbnail
Blade LengthBlade WidthBlade ThicknessTypePriceDetailsBuy
CB1992100 60mm19mm0.64mmStraight CB1992100
  • £10.25
CB1996100 50mm19mm0.64mmHooked CB1996100
  • £11.75
CB5192100 60mm19mm0.64mmCurved CB5192100
  • £12.80
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