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Triple Chip Blade

Extra fine toothed blades with triple chip tooth form. Suitable for clean cutting of plastic sheets, laminates, veneered and melamine faced boards.

Please note: not all sawblades have universal pinholes and not all universal pinholes will fit all machines. There are many variations, so if you need pinholes and you are in any doubt, PLEASE CONTACT US with your pin size and pin centres to avoid mistakes.

Triple Chip Blade
Triple Chip Blade
  • Triple Chip Blade Thumbnail
  • Triple Chip Blade Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCTeethPriceDetailsBuy
B20064TL 200mm7.9"30mm3.2mm64 B20064TL
  • 54.48
B22064TL 220mm8.7"30mm3.2mm64 B22064TL
  • 55.30
B25080TL 250mm10"30mm3.2mm80 B25080TL
  • 61.80
B30096TL 300mm12"30mm3.4mm96 B30096TL
  • 66.96
B35108TL 350mm14"30mm3.5mm108 B35108TL
  • 78.48
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