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Mitre Lock Jointer

These two flute cutters offer a method of mitre jointing timber with a double tongue arrangement. This locks the joint against movement and provides a long glue line for maximum joint strength. Each cutter is suitable for use with timber in the thickness range indicated in the table below.

A router table with fence should be used, and the accuracy of the joint is improved if the fence has a timber face, which should be as tall as practically possible. This helps keep the timber upright whilst the cut is being made.

To produce a 90 degree joint, one piece should be machined horizontally on the table, whilst the other is machined vertically against the fence.

NB: T5596½ and T5598½ are large cutters. Please ensure they are suitable for your machine. These large cutters should only be used in a fixed machine and at 10,000 rpm maximum.

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Mitre Lock Jointer
Mitre Lock Jointer
Mitre Lock Jointer
  • Mitre Lock Jointer Thumbnail
  • Mitre Lock Jointer Thumbnail
  • Mitre Lock Jointer Thumbnail
T5594-1/2 45mm20mm1/2"40mm12mm16mm T5594-1/2
  • £48.48
T5596-1/2 70mm30mm1/2"44mm16mm26mm T5596-1/2
  • £51.84
T5598-1/2 89mm40mm1/2"50mm20mm36mm T5598-1/2
  • £61.56
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