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Negative Crosscut Blade

For cutting across the grain and trimming in radial arm, pendulum and pull over saw applications.
Blade bores stocked are shown in column "B" - click "More info" for details.

We offer a range of premium grade industrial quality TCT saw blades. This Heavy Duty range of saw blades is precision manufactured to the highest standards for accuracy and durability. Incorporating heavy gauge, hardened, tempered, ground, smithed and blocked saw bodies, with industrial grade full thickness carbide saw tips. These quality saws will give a long life and have our no-quibble guarantee against defects in manufacture.
For information on use, maintenance, selection and storage of blades see the SAFE USE pages in our information section.

All blades are available in 30mm bore. Other sizes are available on some blades. Blades with 5/8" bore have the option of being reamed to 16mm (these two sizes are not the same) in addition sawblade bore reducers are also available from 30mm to other popular sizes, in either case phone us on 01580 890500 to order.X
Negative Crosscut Blade
A (mm)A (inch)BCTeethPriceDetailsBuy
B21524NL 215mm8.5"30mm2.9mm24 B21524NL
  • 35.30
B21548NL 215mm8.5"30mm2.9mm28 B21548NL
  • 47.50
B21564NL 215mm8.5"30mm2.9mm64 B21564NL
  • 51.90
B25024NL 250mm10"30mm3.0mm24 B25024NL
  • 38.00
B25042ND 250mm10"5/8"3.0mm42 B25042ND
  • 42.70
B25042NL 250mm10"30mm3.0mm42 B25042NL
  • 42.70
B25060NL 250mm10"30mm3.0mm60 B25060NL
  • 52.90
B25080NL 250mm10"30mm3.0mm80 B25080NL
  • 59.10
B30032NL 300mm12"30mm3.2mm32 B30032NL
  • 46.50
B30048NL 300mm12"30mm3.2mm48 B30048NL
  • 51.90
B30072NL 300mm12"30mm3.2mm72 B30072NL
  • 64.90
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